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Why Kapanicas Group?

We call it “The K Factor.”

Yes, “The K Factor”, K or Kappa is the tenth letter in the Greek alphabet and it represents our Kapanicas Family values of trust, integrity, perseverance and commitment.  We believe every business relationship is created, developed and maintained with the same traits that make up a great family.  We strive to adhere our family life and our business life to these standards to ensure excellence.  Our passion in life is to thrive and not just survive as a family and a business. 

About Us 

Our Family

In 1994, Mick married the love of his life, Melissa Jean.  They have four beautiful daughters:  Haley, Emily, Callie and Mary.  His faith and family are his passion.  Imagine four teenage daughters, needless to say, that alone keeps him busy. Volunteering at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church, the Knights of Columbus, the Cursillo movement and the Diocese of Phoenix Men’s Prison Ministry provides male bonding and interaction he can’t find at home.  When he is not working, he loves spending time with his family and eating his grandmother’s homemade Greek and Italian recipes handed down for generations.  Another passion is his love of the game of golf and enjoying his membership at Paradise Valley Country Club since 1996.  Other interests include:  fishing, hunting, coaching softball and basketball with his daughters. Oh, we can’t forget about his other two girls, Thea and Mavros (means black in Greek), his doggies. 

Our Values

Our values at Kapanicas Group resemble our family values of trust, integrity, perseverance and commitment.  Our family and clients come first, and we demonstration this through our trust and dedication to one another.  In seeking the best outcome for our family and our clients, we strive for perfection and excellence in the experience we provide.  The foundations of all our relationships we build are on truth.  Speaking the truth even when it is not easy supports our vision of offering the best and most transparent service in the industry.  We value our relationships and you can count on us when entrusting us to serve you.  Our motto taken from C.S. Lewis, “Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.” This is how we live and do business.  Our core beliefs and principles guide our decision-making process for our family and our clients.  We appreciate our clients trust and strive for their success and satisfaction.  Kapanicas Group begins first with the client’s desired outcome and will persevere and overcoming challenges to achieve results.  Finally, we offer our full commitment and communication to our clients by giving our word and never compromising our values.  These foundational commitments we not only promise our family but also to you as our clients, venders, partner and support team.  Our family and business mean the world to us at Kapanicas Group so by combining our family and business values we can maintain and achieve the best life has to offer in all aspect of our daily lives.  Remember our passion, “The K Factor” is to thrive not just survive.